14 Ways to Create a Green and Healthy Home

This entire month I have been spreading the word about Unilever’s #brightfutue campaign.

You can talk about “going green” and online have this awesome fake profile about being all for the environment but I wanted to do more and that my dear readers starts at home.

I did some research about what I can do from home to do my bit and here is what I came up with that we can all easily do. Some things will take a little bit of cash to make the change but in the long run I am certain it will save you money.

Step 1: Recycle


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We all know this but we tend not to do this.

  • Sort your bins in paper, plastic, glass and metal (we will talk about what you can do with your food scraps in step 4) – Our area does not have a recycling truck that comes by on rubbish days so I will have to do more research on what to do with my recycling before I start with this one. 
  • Swap plastic cups and paper plates for ceramic ones, use rechargeable batteries.

 Step 2: Save energy

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  • Switch to energy saver bulbs –  a couple of years ago Eskom & the local municipality in our area went from house to house switching out our old lights for energy saver for free.
  • Turn of the lights when you are not in the room and during the day open up windows and curtains to get natural light.
  • Think before opening your fridge and/or freezer. It is a waste of energy to stand in front of your open fridge/freezer thinking about what you need. Instead plan ahead (in your mind that is and quickly open grab and close.
  • When an appliance is not in use unplug it. Even if your appliance is switched off or on standby mode it still uses a small amount of electricity.
  • Wait for a full load before you use your washing machine or dishwasher and let your clothes air-dry a bit before you put them in the tumble dryer. There is also a product called Spindel on the market that can save you money on electricity cost with your tumble dryer. – I am currently saving towards buying myself a Spindel, I have checked all the reviews and my golly gosh this is what I want for Christmas. 

Step 3: Cleaner Air

  • Grow plants indoors, this is a natural air filter not only does it clean your air but will also leave your house smelling fresh. – I kill all plants so this will never work in my home, maybe someday I will get this right. 
  • Use non-toxic cleaners. I might struggle with this one as I love my Domestos Thick Bleach. Pinterest has so many great pins on natural cleaners. – I am leaving this as the last thing on my Green Home Bucket List. 
  • Use micro fibre cloths instead of cleaners. – I have like 20 of these. I use them for everything and everywhere. No more scrubbing to get that mark of the counter just a wipe and it’s gone.

Step 4: Encourage that Green thumb

  • Grow your own veggies, herbs and salad greens as this helps reduce air pollution –
  • Start to compost your kitchen scraps by using a Worm Farm – I still have a bit of research to do on how to start but over the summer school holiday I think the girls and I will start this project. 
  • Water your garden in the evening, it is cooler then. Use water from your sinks, bathtubs and washing machines (you will be using non-toxic cleaners by now so this will not harm your veggies)
  • When cutting your grass leave the clippings on the lawn as this turns into a natural fertiliser when they decompose.

Do you have a Green house? Any tips you would like to share? 


Just a reminder, I am still working with Unilever SA on their #brightfuture campaign to


Creating life-giving oxygen, providing shelter and playing a vital part of our ecosystem, trees are undeniably crucial to our existence. Yet, we are losing the forests that are so important to us. It’s time for people of South Africa to come together to help us change this.

How can you help? For every tweet using the hashtags #TweetForATree & #BrightFutureSA Unilever will plant a tree on your behalf. It has never been easier to make a change than this.


3 thoughts on “14 Ways to Create a Green and Healthy Home

  1. Great list! I’ve started using essential oils diluted with water as air freshener. Tea tree oil is my favourite. Also, instead of buying fabric softener I now make my own with vinegar, hair conditioner, water and essential oils. It really is a great alternative because it does work and you can go mad with the fragrances by tailoring it to your need. I can’t quite say that it’s quite efficient as a frugal way of life because after trying the recipe with cheap conditioners I find that although it does the trick, I really do prefer using a good quality conditioner.


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