A week in review

How was your weekend? Had fun?

Myself: The last week was crazy. Firstly I worked 12-13 hour days on Monday and Tuesday and let me tell you once you are use to working half day, putting in such long hours kills you. I haven’t been this tired in ages.

Amandalynn: A lot has been going on with her and after last week that she kind of lost her marbles about something that should not upset a 9 year old. I made an appointment with a child psychologist and last week wednesday she had her first appointment, but I will tell you more about all of this next week Tuesday.

Lorelai: She started doing Click-Mouse at school and last night Hannes and I heard little click click sounds coming from her room long after we sent the girls to bed and her Lorelai was playing a game and telling us that her teacher said that she had to practise.

PTA /Soccer Mom:  Last week Friday the school had their annual dance and I did not expect much from the night as I have never attended a school dance and we were a little group of 3 women and 1 man attending not knowing many people. We had a blast. I danced and danced and I just loved it. We realised towards the end of the night we did not take any photos, but one of the other parents took a couple during the evening and I borrowed some form the school Facebook Page to show you. (I can be found under the little red arrow)




Weekend wanderings: On saturday Hannes had to work and the girls and I headed of to a birthday party at Tygervalley Golf Village. For the rest of the weekend, we ate cleaned and relaxed. I made the best roast of my life on Sunday. I swear I can still taste it.

Plotting and planning: I have not been plotting to take over the world in this last week.

Making/Baking/DIY: Does my roast on Sunday count?

Watching:  My favourite show is back…

Loving: The weather we had on saturday, I think I even got a little bit of a tan.

Stressing About: Nothing

Looking forward to: Only having a 3 day work week this week as Thursday is Braai Day (Heritage Day) and Friday is a school holiday so I will be in hibernation.

Coming up on the blog this week: Green living is the future, the usual wordless wednesday how your child (with your help) can make a difference and how I suck at anything relating to Golf.


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