Health and sport go hand in hand…

Amandalynn has been doing sport since the first day of school in Grade 1. She has to pick a sport for each term and stick to it until the end of each season. She is not allowed to give up after a few practises just because she does not want to anymore. I believe well balanced children, this to me means doing sport and not just attending school.

Amandalynn is a star pupil, she does well in every subject and we call her our little nerd, we encourage nerdyness in our house, it’s an honour not an insult. Here are the top 5 reasons why it is important for girls to take part in sport(not just girls, but all children):

Girls who play sports do better in school.

As a parent when your child spend a lot of time taking part in extramural activities you worry about their academic achievements, but studies have shown that exercise improves learning, memory, and concentration, this give children an advantage above others who do not take part in sport.

Girls who play sports learn teamwork and goal-setting skills.

Amandalynn is not the fastest kid on the hockey field, but because she wants to stay on the A team she works harder than the other kids. Her goal is to stay there, so we work hard. She also understands that even though her dad wants to see his little girl score a goal, it is about the team working together and winning (or losing) instead of each going out with their own mission to score they work together as a team.

Sports are good for a girl’s health.

Besides the benefit of staying fit and maintaining a healthy weight, girls who play sports are also less likely to smoke. As a parent who smokes, I would prefer that my children do not pick up this horrible habit when they get older. I remember when I use to do Drum Majorettes, I hardly smoked because I was too busy to even think about having a cigarette.

Playing sports boosts self-confidence.

Why? When they set a goal, either as a team or individual and they achieve that goal it feels good, they will work towards more goals to get that good feeling again.

Exercise cuts the pressure.

Playing sports can lessen stress and help you feel a little happier. Friends are another mood-lifter. And being on a team creates tight bonds between friends. It’s good to know your teammates will support you — both on and off the field!

Do your kids play sport? Why do they do sport?


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