Men = Stupidity

Doing the old post Friday thing… This was 5 years ago and I must say life have improved so much.

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So Hannes and I have been going through a rough time, emotionally and financially. It is amazing the amount of stress that money can put on a relationship.  But things are getting better each day and like I told a dear friend of mine this morning it’s like potty training your child. For 2 days there will be no accidents and just out of the blue you have a very wet carpet.  You don’t get mad at a child for making a mistake like that, you cuddle and give them love maybe that is how we should treat the men that upset us and hurt us and do things we don’t like.

But as naïve as men are they will think that it will make the behaviour okay and do it again and again until you have to get rid of the carpet because it smells so bad it breaks…

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