Spending your hard earned money and only having memories to show for it

A couple of weeks ago I did some temp work (that is now besides my usually job) at my old employers as he was in need. I got paid a good sum of money and guess what I did with it… Your right spent it on my children, I had big plans for that money but in the end my children enjoyed it and we have wonderful funny memories to look back on.

We decided to take the kids to the V&A Waterfront because we haven’t been there in a while and I needed to go and buy myself a new (cheap as possible) wedding ring as I misplaced/lost my a month before and could not deal with this empty finger anymore.

Obviously upon arrival the kids were dying of hunger, like we haven’t had foo din days type of hunger. We got them some KFC and Steers for ourselves and enjoyed the sun while eating our not so healthy but very yummy lunch.

We decided that seeing that neither Hannes or myself have been on The Cape Wheel we will fork out the R270 for a family package and enjoy the view. Guys in my honest opinion this is only something to do once and never again. it was 9 minutes of taking selfies and pulling faces and the other minute was spent going “look its Tablemountain, Leeukop, Signal Hill, Robin Island and Cape Town”. You can see our crazy shots below.20150814_094607 Now I mentioned that I lost my ring a month before this… It was never really loosed, my husband found it on the ground and decided to keep it until he can give it back to me in a romantic way because I lost my  shit and had a panic attack when he tried to give it to me the first time and seeing as I was planning on buying a new one that day he figured he needs to give it back to me asap. I was so happy to see my little pink heart. 20150814_094807 20150814_094918 20150814_094650 20150814_094956 After our bad selfie taking 9 minutes the kids wanted to spend some time on the awesome play area, by time I mean 30 seconds and then play in the freezing cold but super clean you can smell the chlorine ponds. I was boiling and my feet loved the cold. They were soaked. 20150814_095105 We took the kids to go place some Cave Golf as and ending to our outing and they loved it. Amandalynn did well for her age and Lorelai, well Lorelai was playing a different sport than the rest of us. Her score was close to 200 by the end but according to her she won. 20150814_095219

All and all is was a wonderful day spent with my husband and kids.

What kind of things do you like to do with your kids when you have free time? 


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