High school enrollment 101 …. you are going to need to grab a glass of wine for this …

The never ending search for your children’s education as only Reluctant mom can do it… Read it and weep or get drunk

Here is my comment on her post: OMG my blood has just run cold… I just finished the oh my fuck Lorelai did not get into Grade R at the primary school her sister attends, ran around like a crazy person trying to find another school… found one at more than double the price, enrolled her, they accepted her, paid the fee – only to get a letter from school one to say congratulations! For fuck sakes, paid another fee then only to be told no place in afternoon care for her – decided to say fuck it and make that next years problem (Bad mother I know). got a email 2 nights ago that there is now space for her at after school. Point is I just finished this process of hell and I am that parent who is on ever board, who runs around like a headless chicken for the school all the teachers, secretaries and even some of the cleaning staff knows who I am and my child was still put on a waiting list!

YOU are telling me that I have to start with High School application for Amandalynn next year?! Fuck girl I don’t drink anymore, but I think starting January I will start again… will this never end?

high school search

I seldom have advise to give regarding parenting.

Let me put that in context “advise I would suggest you follow”.

In the eternal hunt for schools for your children, I am a veritable Oracle in this regard.

I am going to dish out a bit of tips/guidelines you should consider regarding high schools and when the time comes to enrolling your child.

I am sorry if that made  you throw up a little bit.  The reality is that if your child is at school, there is a fairly good chance they will be leaving Grade 7 at some point and you will need to start this stupid “find my child a school” again.

It actually never stops.  I am permanently in a state of “finding a school for one of my children….”

This advise has very little to do with private schools.

Private schools are a law to themselves and…

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