“father’s” day in our house

Stunning video at the end of Coral’s post. I can honestly say I am happy that my Amandalynn now has a father in Hannes. Before him I had to wear both hats and I do not miss those days, mostly I love that my daughter can now celebrate fathers day without it being a sad day for her.

cupcakes and sailors

I have so much to say about father’s day and yet at the same time I feel like I’ve said it all before. Maz from Caffeine and Fairydust wrote a really nice post about it, nicer than mine is going to be that’s for sure.

I celebrate father’s day, we do every year. Myself and Fysh cause in essence I’m both. I wear the mom hat and the dad hat.

The Person is in our life now, for the second father’s day but we’ve had this discussion time and again, he’s not Fysh’s dad and he won’t ever be but he is a dad like figure, he’s a good influence and he’s someone for Fysh to look up to. He’s a man I’m glad Fysh can be around and hero worship, cause he does.

It hurts when Fysh gives me a card and says “I made this for you…

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