Time to change… Tree hugger in the making

I have always struggled with eczema and Lorelai has struggled with it since birth. It went away but currently her hands look like shit and the normal medication I have always used is not helping. it goes away and comes back worse. When I was a child my mother took me for food allergy test, the Dr had a little thing he put under my toenail and another part went into food. This helped with my eczema treatment, but because I was so limit to what I can eat we stopped it and just like that my eczema was worse, years later in my late teens things started to improve naturally with only flare ups every once in a while. I started to contact Allergist to find out where I can have this testing done, I received a response yesterday from one advising me that it is called Vega testing and that in short it is bullshit. I found many articles confirming this and then this one The Vega Test – A spectacular rip off. The Dr did confirm that food allergies is part of the cause but this will only be confirmed with skin prick tests. there is no way in hell that Lorelai will sit still for this. I came into the office this morning and copied the information that I found last night. Eczema Natural Healing – I started to read this story last night and I am going to give it a try. I will adapt the diet of my entire family for 90 days starting 1 July 2015 to see if this makes a difference to Lorelai’s health.

This is not Lorelai’s fingers, but this is sort of what it looks like. {Click on image for link to original}Do you suffer from Eczema? Any advise you can give me? 


2 thoughts on “Time to change… Tree hugger in the making

  1. I don’t have eczema, but maybe drop gluten, and watch out for the processed stuff… For some people dairy can be a big issue.


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