Life, hockey and babies

It has been a while since I have posted anything on the blog. Even though I have gone private to protect the adoption process and then still be able to blog and I haven’t blogged since then. Life has been crazy I have jumped from arranging the Fete for the Church and my house looking like a bakery supply store to having a week off and then starting all over again for the Primary School Fete and for the last month my house has looked like a bakery supply store yet again. Hannes is hating it and you cannot blame him. This all ends on Friday. He is counting the minutes until he has his lounge back.

Otherwise between work and life we have adopted a new baby. Her name is Kayla and we suspect that she was about 6 weeks old. The lady who gave/sold her to us, said she was born on 3 March but we (the Vet and I) suspect that she was actually born on 3 April. Her bottom teeth only started coming out over the weekend. She should technically still be with her mom, but I refuse to take her bake to the horrible women who sold her in the first place.

20150504_221107 20150502_161216(0) 20150427_200341 20150426_174133

Also Amandalynn had her first Hockey Tournament, only one of the 2 teams showed up so she could only play one game.



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