30 things to do before I turn 30

I have a page dedicated to this on the blog, but today I came across another list and what the blogger is they basically reblogged it each time they updated.

I never completed any of my birthday lists before so I gave myself 3 years to complete a list of 30 things. It seems simple enough… Another difference is that we will be doing all (maybe most) of the things as a family.

Working progress:

1) Climb Table Mountain

2) Get new (o)(o) for my 30th

3) Get married We got married on 27 Dec 2014

4) Do a family road trip

5) Get my License

6) Sort out Life-, Car- and House insurance.

7) Move into a bigger house

8) Study something

9) Have Christmas at my house (when I have the bigger house)

10) Taking the kids camping at least once a year – In March we had a PTA camp out at the school. The kids ran around till about midnight planning with friends. they just loved it. (Updated April 2015)

11) Find a new job I start my new job on 1 April 2014.

12) Be on the PTA at my daughters school I was a convener in 2014 & now in 2015 I am Head Convener for Grade 3. (Updated April 2015)

13) Buy a second car or bakkie

14) Get pets for my girls (When I have the bigger house)

15) Grow a successful veggie/flower/herb garden Hannes has the green thumb in our house, my herbs refuse to die and I can use them in cooking (Dec 2014)

16) Get bicycles for the entire family Hannes and Amandalynn got new bicycles. (November 2014)

17) Have a huge 30th birthday party

18) Go on a cruise

19) Have another baby or at least start planning for another baby.

20) Be debt free – Hannes settled all our debt in 2014. We got married in Dec 2014 so unfortunately we now have debt again. (Updated April 2015)

21) Take the children to Suncity or that water place in Durban

22) Get a New ID’s and Passports for the entire family. We will do this as soon as the adoption process has been finalised. See point 29. (Updated April 2015)

23) Take the children to the KKNK

24) Learn to speak another language

25) Use my new passport either as a family or a eventual honeymoon for me and Hannes

26) Buy property.

27) Find a second job to earn more income – Work for myself option. I have just sent out my second invoice. I am slowly starting to do work for other Advocates. (Updated April 2015)

28) Go for a Brazilian Blowout

29) Have Hannes adopt Amandalynn. We submitted out application on 1 April 2015 this means the process has started. (Updated April 2015)


As you can see it is a long long list and I am 2 items short. If you can think of anything that seems fun to add please let me know.


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