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3 Kids, 2 Dogs, 1 Old House

I love the promise of a long road trip.

It doesn’t really matter where you’re going, does it?  Because when you get into that car with your padkos packed, your tunes playing loudly on the radio and you hit the road, the sense of freedom is rather overwhelming.  It speaks of adventure, exploration of unknown places and unique experiences.

Well, usually those are the feelings that I get, except when, you know, the kids are with us.


So this is not to say that you can’t roadtrip with kids, it’s just that it will probably turn out a whole lot differently to what you pictured.

For instance you can’t listen to Kings of Leon at full volume without interruption, you’re probably listening to variations of Let It Go and How to Build a Snowman.  You’re not able to open a packet of anything and eat it at your own leisure…

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