From Education to wild nights on the town

So much has happened since my last update on my life. February was a crazy month at work because it was Tax, Vat and Visa’s, all urgent and all in one month. I have been running around like a crazy person with the children as well.

Hannes got robbed last week on the train, luckily it was quick and he didn’t get hurt. He was pushed out of the train as it started leaving the station and they grabbed his phone from his hand. Now he has to use the old Blackberry because i forgot to add his phone to the insurance.

The kids have been doing good. Lorelai loves her new teacher and is doing very well at school. Her school does not offer Grade R next year so I have also spent the month of February looking for a school for her. First I enrolled her at the primary school and she did not get in, but she is on the waiting list. I had to enroll her at another creche, Hompie Kedompie. they are the closest thing to a prvate school in our area. Next year I will be paying R1700 p/m school fees, R200 per term for Kinetic Kids (school insist that kids take part in this), R150 per term for Music (another thing the school insist on), R550 per term for Gymnastics (because Lorelai loves it and has been doing it for 3 years) and R500 for Voortrekkers annual fee, R200 Voortrekker bag, R100 Voortrekker shirt. What is the point of all of this? I will be paying R2070 per month just for Lorelai compared to the R1450 we spend this year. Its about R600 more for just one child. Fuck!

There is a little development I really want to share with you guys regarding Hannes and Amandalynn and I keep thinking I shouldn’t but my blog is about our journey as a family so… Hannes is going to adopt Amandalynn and legally be her father. I have tried to get hold of her sperm donor father to get him to sign over his rights but neither him or his family responded to my messages. I have spoken to the children’s court and if he agrees to Hannes adopting Amandalynn the process should take about 4 months but if not it can take up to a year. In other words watch this space for updates.

A little while ago I won tickets for the Cape Town Carnival after party and after a couple of weeks waiting it was finally time for some Carnival fun. We got all dressed up and hit the town. It was an awesome night out, the best way to discribe the night is to show you the photos.

Hubby and I having some fun.

Once a Drummie always a drummie. You cannot hand me a set of flags and not think that I wont swing them around like a pro.

For more photos of our night you can view the album here

This week I have a guy from Sanlam coming to see me to discuss the future of my children, I have decided to start jogging again because my mind can do with some clarity. Also I am currently planning a Fete for both the Church and School.

What was your weekend like?


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