Inspiration from Eskom…

I’m always looking for ways to save money and the one way I can do that is by cutting down on the electricity bill in a month. We use municipality electricity and it is more expensive that pre-paid electricity. In the summer our bill is between R200 – R400 and in the winter it goes up to about R1000. This year I will not have this situation again.

Here are some ways to cut down on your electricity:

Geysers – If you can afford it, have your geyser replaced with a solar geyser. I know I cannot afford to do that so other things we can do is by putting an isolation blanket over your geyser also make sure you reset your temperature every season. Also invest in a timer for your geyser; you can set it to go on and off when you need it. I hate the timer as I want to shower when I want to so we do the manual on and off system. We switch the geyser on at 5 when we get home and switch it off again 1 hour after everyone has had a shower. In the winter this needs to be done daily but in the summer we do this every second day. Change your temperature from 70C to 60c and save R10.98 per month.

Lights – energy aver bulbs, switch on one and another off

Fridge – plan before opening,

Washing machine – adjust according to load. For water and electricity usage.

Ironing – don’t iron everything, iron just what you need.

Cooking – stove uses 7% of you monthly bill, pressure cookers saves 25%, microwave uses less electricity.

Dishwasher only when full. Use ever second day and save R54.88 per month.

These are the small things we can do to save power. With the crisis Eskom is currently having and load shedding being a daily occurrence, we have to save. Also remember to unplug all your appliances during the night, such as computers, TV’s stoves, etc. Also ensure your set your alarms on your phones as the radio clock are obviously affected by 2am load shedding. We will be screwed if we lose power for a week or more. Luckily my mom has a gas stove so we can at least cook dinner that is not a braai.

How are you preparing for this power crisis?


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