The last week has been busy, but nothing worth mentioning really happened. The best way to sum up the last week is to do a currently post.

Listening to: Jessie James Decker, she has this amazing song called “I do” and I swear I know it word for word right now.

Reading: Nothing! Yes I have to be ashamed of myself. I told myself last week Monday that I need to stop watching series and start reading more books and so for nothing has happened.

Thinking about: how to improve our home and life, I have spent my weekend sorting out the huge cupboard in our lounge. Tara calls me a hoarder, but I can’t get rid of things that can still be used. I have school books for Amandalynn until she goes to Matric, they are mainly maths exercise books and currently go for between R200 and R400 per book, I would rather store them away than get rid of them. I do the same thing with Amandalynn’s clothing, she currently wears a size 11 – 12 and Lorelai wears a 5 – 6 so everything that is too small for Amandalynn I store away for Lorelai. I talked to Tara and Eugene about it and how they sell the clothing that it too small for their kids, but getting R300 for 15 items won’t replace those 15 items. So maybe I am a hoarder or just incredibly cheap.

Looking forward to: My trip to Bloemfontein in April. My cousin Danica is turning 21 so I will be hanging out at the old people table while the kids party the night away.

Anticipating: The week ahead. Things are crazy at work, I love it but it’s a lot to get use to it again.

Planning: My trip to Bloemfontein and a savings plan for our big move this year.

Wearing: Whatever is clean.

Drinking: Coffee, coffee and coffee, I no longer really drink any alcohol.

Eating: Not healthy food. No one in my house likes veggies so we hardly ever eat them. I miss roasted vegetables, raw vegetables and salads.

Thankful for: Our health. This year has started off well and as I type this I am touching wood.

Not looking forward to: Another week without my car.

Dreaming about: The big move, we need to find a bigger house but mostly a home away from my parents as I can see that Hannes needs more space away from the family.

What’s currently happening with you?


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