The Galileo Open Air Cinema – Where The Stars Shine

Last week Tuesday Hannes and I celebrated Valentine’s day and our monthly date night at the beautiful Hillcrest Quarry. We watched The Notebook, ate popcorn and acted like a couple without children for just one night. It was awesome.

Last year I received 2 tickets from the #CTMeetup for The Galileo Open Air Cinema, I kept the tickets especially for Valentines Day as I know we always forget to do something special and then end up doing nothing.

Here is what their website has to say: “Set against the spectacular backdrop of Hillcrest Quarry, The Galileo Open Air Cinema invites Cape Town locals and visitors to a memorable movie experience under a ceiling of stars. On Tuesday evenings, from November to April, The Galileo brings you a diversity of endearing, all-time classic films in its unique open air setting. Delicious, local mouth-watering food will be on sale before the show and with chairs and blankets for hire, you are guaranteed an unforgettable evening like no other!”

We opted for the Chair and Blanket hire as it was free and oh so comfortable not having to take anything with us. As a list maker I usually pack everything I might need for a night out including the spare kitchen sink, but because I wasn’t sure if we were allowed to take in our own food and drinks I made sure to have enough cash on me in case they do not have card facilities. Thankful that I did because note to you THEY DO NOT HAVE CARD FACILITIES.

The popcorn was way cheap and instead of ever visiting a Ster Kinekor again I would much rather spend my hard earned cash and seeing a movie I probably have seen before and head out the the Quarry with my husband and maybe even my kids. The tickets are affordable and range between R70 and R100 click here to buy your tickets.

The galileo

Here is what I will do in the future:

  • Book a comfy ticket to get the chair as you cannot bring in your own chair.
  • Bring a blanket to use as a ground sheet as the grass is very cold.
  • Bring my own blanket as their blankets are too small to cuddle.
  • Pack a picnic basket with wine, snacks and a huge flask of warm coffee.
  • If I take the children with I will only buy them a ticket and use a larger ground sheet blanket so that they can have space to move around.

Hannes and I obviously love taking photos of the places we visit, but we both forgot to charge our phones during the day so we don’t even have a #datenight selfie, images below are from the website.

This is the kind of outing everyone can enjoy. From young to old. Go on book your tickets before the season is over.

{Click images for source}

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