Crazy busy…

This last two weeks have been busy and crazy. I have so much on my list of things to do and I feel like I’m not getting to it. It might be because I am procrastinating just a little…

Work wise I was busy the entire week and my list of things I have to work is still longer than my arm, but I’m loving being busy. It feels like I’m worth something like I am achieving something.

This kids have had a good week, they haven’t done much socialising, as school started and our afternoons have been a little crazy with sport and all the other things we have to do. Thursday I almost had a missing child incident and almost lost my mind, it wasn’t even my child, it was the child that I aftercare in the afternoons.

I am still without a car as Hannes work bakkie is not ready yet and I can’t have him taking the train everyday and only getting home closer to 8 in the evening. He takes the car and the kids and I either get dropped by my grandfather or we walk. It not that bad, yes I miss my car but rather have my husband home than having a car.

Last week was the annual convenor meeting at the school to plan the first school activity for the year. The husband and I also went on date night at The Galileo movie night @ Hillcrest Wine Estate to watch The Notebook, we received comp tickets at the last #CTMeetup, I will tell you more about how it was on Friday.

Friday night was the annual Voortrekkers “potjie” competition. The kids loved it. Amandalynn’s group came third, when they were supposed to be second, it’s kind of sad that politics took over because they did not want 2 teams out of the same grade and Commando to take first and second. But let’s not start a war over this. The rest of the weekend was spent sleeping, cleaning and watching movies.

What did you guys get up to over the last two weeks and what are your plans for the new week?


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