A little bit of everything and more…

Happy February! I cannot believe that it is 2015 and January is over already. It feels like yesterday that I started with my new job and that was April. So before I get into telling you about Christmas and the wedding, I want to talk about the Vlog I started.

Last year I started watching parenting vlogs on YouTube and I just love it. It’s not so much different than this blog. I did a post on the 18th of December saying that I will do the 2 together, so when I have loads to say and don’t feel like typing I will Vlog, I will jump between the 2, so I will see how it works out, but I love the idea. Let me know about what you think about vlogging.

I cannot believe that Christmas is over, it happened to fast I think I actually missed it. The kids didn’t get loads of things like other years, my mom got them each one gift – Lorelai got rollerblades and Amandalynn got a scooter. They love it and they are happy so that’s all that matters. I don’t even have photos of Christmas Eve, my family from Bloemfontein took the photos and they left without me getting copies from them.

Our wedding was 2 days after Christmas and it was awesome. It was small and simple and we got to share that day with people that we love. I have shared some photos in a previous post so you can check those out there. Lee-Ann Olwage took our photos and they look amazing, I cannot wait have them printed and put them up everywhere.

The kids went camping with my parents from 4 – 11 January, which means Hannes and I get to have a little honeymoon or just time to ourselves. I’m loving the alone time with him, because we seldom actually have alone time. It has really been a great week with Hannes. Yes we had disagreements, but no fights. We sort of got to know each other again this week and it was truly awesome. We also missed the kids and we could see on their faces that they missed us. It’s good to have my children home.

I might have mentioned this before, but I want another baby. Hannes is not really sure if we should have another baby due to finances and he is scared that we cannot afford another baby as we want to move this year so I need to work on a plan to show him that we can afford it. He has agreed that we can have another baby. So we are officially trying to get pregnant.  I can just see us with another little girl. He wants a boy. But I don’t see myself having a boy. It is a strange feeling working towards a pregnancy than just going oh-fuck-I’m-pregnant!

Something I want to share but I have had my doubts if I should and then I just decided screw it I will. I do not want to have more children after 30. One month after my 30th birthday Lorelai will be 8 years old which is a huge gap as Amandalynn will then be 11(12 6 months after). I can deal with that gap but nothing more. With Hannes agreeing to have another baby we have made the decision that we have until 31 March 2016 to be pregnant or we stop trying. We will not go for treatment or anything because we already have to wonderful children and if it is meant to be that we have a 3rd one, then it will happen. Hannes will then be snipped and our baby days are over. I know what you are thinking that we should wait and not make the decision now, but we have discussed it and we will make a final decision on that day. So please hold thumbs that I can get pregnant ASAP.

Here is my plan for improving our finances and earning a little extra this year. So firstly I want to be more serious about earning an income with this blog. Last year I started working with a couple of PR companies doing sponsored post that I actually got paid for in cash and I would really like to do more this year.  I have also decided that these little tasks I do for the other advocates on my floor (who I do not work for) as of this year I will be charging them. I will also be taking on copy typing and dictation to do at home. I will also be advertising myself for doing kids parties and babysitting in the afternoons and evenings, yes I know this means loads of extra work for me to do, but I have never been scared of working and it does not work for me and my family then I can just stop.

Another thing I want to try this year is not to post more regularly but to rather have a system when it comes to posting. I have spent a lot of time thinking about how I will manage this blog going forward. Every day of the week we will cover a different topic instead of me just spilling my guts and not knowing what to blog about. Here is my list and reasons behind each section:

Mondays – Weekly wrap up, this will be to tell you about or weekends and stuff we got up to in the last week. This means that every Monday at about noon you should find a really long post in your inbox.

Tuesdays – Finances, Careers and Exercise. Your work life impacts your finances and exercises clear your head and this way you can think clearly at work and with your finances. I want to improve all these things in my life this year.

Wednesdays – I will stick to tradition and do a wordless Wednesday. Share photos of whatever.

Thursdays – Relationships. The most important relationships one should have are with yourself, your significant other and your children. To keep your relationships going we need to work on this daily. I do loads of research on these subjects and I will share what I find with all of you.

Fridays – My fun day. We often don’t know what to do over weekends so I will be sharing places to visit with the kids, DIY projects you can do, new meals to try as well as party planning ideas.

Some days might be empty because I didn’t feel like blogging, I forgot or I didn’t have anything to share with you, but I hope you stick around this year to see what I get up to.


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