Wedding Planning – Part 5

Wedding planning in full swing, this is always a difficult process, but here is how I planned mine. Click on the link to view Part 1Part 2Part 3 & Part 4.

I have ticked off another couple of things from my list and done some others half way.

Day 18 – 05 Dec

My menu looks awesome. It has flowers on it and I love it. I will share the menu after the wedding.

Day 19 – 06 Dec

My kitchen tea was awesome. It happened  at my moms house. I got so many gifts that it made me realise that I am truly blessed with great friends and family.

Day 20 – 08 Dec

My domestic has confirmed that she can help out on the morning of the service with the clean up at the church. No prays she shows up.

I bought Hannes’s shirt and pants from Mr Price – I love online shopping. The pants is too big so I will have to go exchange it. He says he wants to go to the shops on Tuesday (16th) as it is a public holiday. He still needs shoes.

Day 21 – 10 Dec

I was suppose to have my hair trial today but I had a mole removed the previous day – it was a complete fuck up but that is a post for another day and photo’s I wont share with you guys. Anyway, I could not even put on a bra and I was in so much pain. The car had a wheel issue so Hannes did not think it was safe for me to drive on the N1 with it. He has now fixed it and i have rescheduled my appointment to the 17th @16:30. Tara is on leave so she will be going with me.

Day 22 – 13 Dec

Hannes finally took some ID photos for the wedding license, no I just need to deliver it to church.

Tara and I went to the venue over the weekend and she mentioned loads of decor ideas and how things should be set up. She is the boss so I just leave that kind of thing to her. I don’t ask questions and I try not to argue a lot because I trust her judgment. We also went to Bunches for Africa to see what kind of flowers I like and don’t like. She has so many pretty ideas.

So as the days go by and I’m less than 2 weeks away from being a married women I am still waiting for the nerves to set in.

What I still have to do:
Fit my dress.
Fit the girls dresses.
Pay venue
Do my hair trial.
Find my shoes.
Get ID to church.
Clothing for Hannes.
Buy bubbly
Find jewelry for me to wear.


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