Wedding Planning – Part 4

Wedding planning in full swing, this is always a difficult process, but here is how I planned mine. Click on the link to view Part 1Part 2 & Part 3.

Day 15 – 10 Nov

I confirmed times with the makeup girl today and she will be on my doorstep at 06:30 on my wedding day. I think it might be a long long day.

After 10 Nov I lost track with what I have done on certain days. With work and other social commitments its difficult to keep up.

What I have done since then is dropped the material off at the dressmaker and she took our measurements. We have found shoes for the girls, took my mom 3 or 4 days of buying shoes and returning until we found the right ones.

I have paid the hair and makeup lady and set a date for my trial. Any ideas what I can do with my hair?

What I still have to do:
Fit my dress.
Confirm table arrangements with venue.
Menu details to Tara.
Arrange people to clean up at church.
Fit the girls dresses.
Pay venue
Do my hair trial.
Find my shoes.
Attend my kitchen tea.
Get ID to church.
Clothing for Hannes.
Buy bubbly
Find jewelry for me to wear.

Day 16 – 04 Dec

I found some hair ideas that I like on Pinterest:


[click on images for links]

I love the idea of a messy braid hanging to the side. Tara will as always figure out what we will be putting on my head.

Tara called me today and we have a venue, flower and coffee date on the 13th to sort out the final details.

Day 17 – 05 Dec

I have ticked off another couple of things from my list, I bought clothing for Hannes online, so waiting for that to be delivered. Really hope it fits. I sent Tara the details for the Menu’s and table arrangements. I realised today that I still need to color my hair before the trial.

Tomorrow is my kitchen tea, I am looking forward to seeing everyone and being the center of attention. I am over the moon that my friend Tara knows me well and that I wont be doing any of those weird traditional games, because she knows I wont.


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