Wedding Planning – Part 3

Wedding planning in full swing, this is always a difficult process, but here is how I planned mine. Click on the link to view Part 1 & Part 2.

Day 10 – 27 Oct

Today I have loads to do. I have to pay the deposit for my hair, phone forever new for my cousins dress again, pay the church and do my work. This will all need to happen before 13:00. Forever new told me they will be able to ship 2 dresses to Bloemfontein but we have to pay the R200 courier cost. So the price of the dress will be R1100! Thats almost more than my dress.

Day 11 – 29 Oct

My mom and I went looking for material for my dress as well as the girls dresses. We found material for the girls as well as the kind of dress I want to be made. They are going to look so cute. We couldnt find any material for my dress, so over the weekend we will go look for some.

Day 12 – 1 Nov

We were suppose to go get material for my dress today and do my registry for my bridal shower. But shit happens and none of that happened. Maybe next week will be better.

Day 13 – 7 Nov

I finally sported out my registry. Sorted might be a strong word. But I have gone in store to Mr Price and collected somethings for the registry and then I went online and added more things. Its the same registry number for both, but easier ways for people to shop.

Day 14 – 8 Nov

Hannes went with me to look for material for my dress, as well as his clothing and shoes for the girls. Let me tell you, shopping with him is not fun. He is slow and does not like most things I do. On the upside I found the most beautiful material you can imagine. We didn’t find anything for Hannes or the girls, so we will be spending every Saturday and Sunday in the shops until the wedding.

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