Wedding Planning – Part 2

Wedding planning in full swing, this is always a difficult process, but here is how I planned mine. View Part 1 here.

Day 6 – 18 Oct

My mom and I headed to Canal Walk to look for dresses for my daughter to wear. They did not love the exercise of trying 50 dresses on, but we had to see what our options where.




My mother and I fell in love with the last two dresses instantly, but they are R1300 a piece. So its a no.

We found a dress that i just love for me. Lipsy London stocks it and its so pretty, makes me think of cupcakes. And I deleted it before I could show it to you. We spent the entire day in Canal Walk and came home with nothing.

Day 7 – 19 Oct

My mom, Tara and I went dress shopping. I found a style I love. I’m in love with it. The lace we like sells for R1000 a meter. But we will have to find a dress maker first.
Tara also tried on a couple of dresses and found one she loves. Lucky for her my cousin Danica loves it too. She is going to go try it on in Bloem tomorrow. Here is an dress she tried on, but not the one she will be wearing.

Day 8 – 20 Oct

All the invitations have gone out, now I wait for responses. Why can people just receive something and respond immediatly.

Day 9 – 23 Oct

I finally found a dressmaker and had an appointment to see her. She is making my dress for R600 and she said she will make dresses for the girls. We talked about material and now I need to go shopping.


4 thoughts on “Wedding Planning – Part 2

  1. R600? wow that’s cheap, you’re lucky to be THIS organized on such short notice. Usually one has to book a venue a year in advance and start planning just as soon. Things seem to be coming together. Good luck and remember after all this stressing to enjoy the actual day because it goes so fast.

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