Wedding planning – The first week


I currently have a love hate relationship with planning my wedding! It might have something to do with the fact that its happening in 2 months and I’m stressed. I decided not to post about it everyday because I will drive you people crazy so I will be doing a diary.

Day 1 – 13 Oct

I started planning my wedding for the 28th of Des, just to be informed by my mom that my aunt from Bloem would not be able to be there. So we changed the date to the 27th. No big deal right? Wrong! Now I have to pay for the church, lets hope its not a lot. Tara designed the Save the date and I started sending them out.

Excitement kicked in. My brunch wedding turned into a lunch wedding and I started looking for venues to have the lunch.

Day 2 – 14 Oct

I had a very stressful day. Lunch is fucking expensive and I have to cut down the amount of people we can take to lunch. Wedding will have 2 parts, ceremony at the church for everyone with drinks and lunch for close friends and family. I had a mini breakdown at my desk in the office. The church sent me the cost and there goes another 5 big ones. Full breakdown happening here. Spoke to Tara, spoke to my mom calmed down. Changed it back to a brunch wedding. Same cost more people. Makes sense. Found a venue I love, mailed then, they might be booked. Started freaking the fuck out. Decided to stalk the events lady until she has a breakdown and gives me the booking. She will get back to me tomorrow. I swear I wont sleep tonight. On the upside my friend Lee-Ann has offered to be photographer for the day as her gift to me. I started looking for dresses that I like and I love this one, just no sleeves.

Day 3 – 15 Oct

Tara and my mom keep asking me questions I am not ready to answer or think about. Yes I know I only have 2 months, but if I don’t have a brunch venue there is not point of thinking of any of this. A different venue closer to home has confirmed that they can help me on the 27th. Also the original venue has confirmed that i can have it. Dammit. My mom wants to see both before we decide. We are going to look at one tomorrow and the other on Saturday.

Day 4 – 16 Oct

Do you know what cheap means? That is how I am planning on doing this wedding. My mom and I drove to venue 2 after work and obviously had a fight of note on the way there. I loved it. It rustic and oh so pretty.

Brunch under the trees. Sounds like bliss.

Day 5 – 17 Oct

Hannes and I decided on a venue and Hazendal it is. We didnt even go look at the other venue. I booked the church for the service. Tara gor an affordable quote for hair and makeup so the 3 big things have bee ticked off the list.


My friend Tara obviously had a hand in this.



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7 thoughts on “Wedding planning – The first week

  1. Weddings can be stressful but the important thing to remember is that you CAN’T ever please all of the people all of the time. It is your special day so do/choose what works for you and Hannes and forget about the rest.

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  2. Shame, so stressful, but I know it will be worth it in the end. I’m glad you at least have a venue, that’s half the battle. I remember my wedding the dress did not fit perfectly and they served little chicken wings, so not worth it, but anyway, we got great pictures and video so it is a good memory.

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