To just listen and do as your told or to think for yourself.


That would be the name of my talk show. I’ll be the perfect host! I’ll take your ear off while asking all the hard and awkward questions.

I was asked to do a post for medicines month by an American company, after looking at my stats and realising that half of my reader are from there it made sense and we always need more information about different meds. I accepted. This I think would actually be a great topic for a vlog, but that means putting on makeup and brushing my hair and all that jazz, so imagine awesome intro music and my audience clapping and cheering as I walk onto the stage like Oprah, just a very pale and white version of Oprah.

Why do we take medicine? Because my doctor told me I should, would be the answer for most of us. I don’t always take what my Dr gives me; I collect from the pharmacy and then decide if I will take it. I personally feel we live in a world where antibiotics is over used, our bodies build up a tolerance for it and when we really need it doesn’t work the first time and 3 bottles later we only see improvement.

I have opened an honest dialogue with my GP. He knows how I feel about antibiotics for everything. So here is my little list (yes another list) of questions/boxes-to-tick before I give my children antibiotics.

  1. Depends on the illness and the degree of sickness, I treat my children at home with over the counter meds.
  2. If there isn’t any improvement I will take them to the GP. I take a list with me of what I have given them to give to the dr.
  3. After he has looked at my kids I will listen to his diagnosis and advise for treatment and take his script to be filled at the pharmacy.
    1. If the over the counter meds he prescribed is different than what I have given I put the antibiotics on ice at the pharmacy and only use the over the counter meds for 48 hours.
    2. If there is no improvement I will go back to the pharmacy get the antibiotics and give to them.
  4. I keep track of their antibiotic intake on their clinic cards so that I know what they took and when. This helps me to advise my Dr of the brand he prescribed worked or not.

By following these 4 simple steps instead of just taking my GP’s word as law I now only give my kids antibiotics 2 maybe 3 times a year instead of every month.

What kind of question do you ask your Dr and what kind of service do you expect. Do you just do what they say or do you make your own decisions?

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