Party Planning – Part 2

Lorelai wants a “horse party” and because she is turning 5, I decided that she deserves one. For my previous post on ideas stolen from Pinterest click here.

Planning a party or any kind of event is stressful and I always forget something important and with my OCD I love making lists and working on things until they are perfect. That being said I wont be giving loads of information all at once but rather split it into 3 posts to be able to give you more information than you need. Part 1 can be seen here.

Part 2 – Food, glorious food

  • The cake will be made by my mother and we will decorate it with plastic horses.

Other food that I will be serving and some of the ingredients you will need:

Marshmallow fake cake balls
Sosatie sticks
Melting chocolate with sprinkles

Cookies made with astros and smarties

Watermelon squares
Fruit sticks.

Popcorn boxes
Homemade popcorn covered in either salt or icing sugar

Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing
Decorated with little horses

Toffee apples covered in chocolate sprinkles

Rice crispie treats dipped in chocolate

Chips and peanuts

Healthy rolls and sandwiches.

I will get the proper recipes and maybe do a how to blog or 2 when I have made the food.

Dont forget to come back next week for the activities we will be planning for the party.

In other news – We have decided on a date for our wedding! Read post here 


2010: Working Mothers vs Stay At Home Mothers

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