Party Planning – Part 1

Lorelai wants a “horse party” and because she is turning 5, I decided that she deserves one. For my previous post on ideas stolen from Pinterest click here.

Planning a party or any kind of event is stressful and I always forget something important and with my OCD I love making list and working on things until they are perfect. That being said I wont be giving loads of information all at at once but rather split it into 3 posts to be able to give you more information than you need.

Part 1 – The big stuffs and finer details

There are 4 things you need to do/decide on before you send out invites or start planning:

1. The theme
2. Amount of children you need/want to invite
3. Are you inviting/entertaining adults

When you have figured this out you can look for a venue that suits your needs.

4. Find a venue

Those are the big stuffs! The rest is up to you.

Here is what my big stuffs list looks like at the moment:

  • No more than 12 kids.
  • I will be entertaining and feeding adults.
  • The venue is Lorelai’s godmothers farm and she has horses.

Here is where my OCD kicks in with the finer details:

  1. Invitations and Printables to be designed.
  2. Lorelai needs an outfit – boots, skirt, shirt & hat.
  3. Kids Section
    1. 3 x Tables & tablecloths
    2. Hay bales to sit on
    3. 12 x cowboy hats
    4. 12 x Bandanna’s
    5. Gazebo
    6. Bucket with ice water for drinks
    7. Snacks, water & juice.
  4. Adult section/Main decor
    1. Table & tablecloth
    2. Chairs
    3. Table decor
    4. Birthday Cake
    5. Gazebo
    6. Bucket with ice water for drinks
    7. Snacks, water, drinks
    8. Name board/signage & balloons

As my friends would say… yeah party planning done, but in my world this is just a 1/3 of what I need to sort.

Come back next week for Part 2

In other news – We have decided on a date for our wedding! Read post here


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6 thoughts on “Party Planning – Part 1

  1. Wow, seens like all is ready. All the best….as for me , I am terrified of horses. Their teeth are just too large for my comfirt.


  2. Oh… My… Word… lol – we are kind of famous (or we were when the kids were little) for having “old fashioned” parties in our own garden – with piggyback races, pin the tail on the donkey, and all that kind of thing.


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