The tooth fairy came to visit and it all went into looming

Lorelai went into hospital on 23 September to have a tooth pulled and 3 others fixed up. The op itself went well but in her usual style Lorelai was all over the place.

Rewind to the night before…

Lorelai was told she couldn’t have hot chocolate the next morning, so she insisted on having 2 cups before bed. She took what felt like hours before she finally got off her sugar high and went to sleep.

She packed her own bag for the day trip to hospital. Books, crayons and some or other contraption with 50 tiny pieces and little figurines.

We got to the hospital and she refused to get out of the car. Took me 10 minutes but in the end I won that fight.

When she got offered a file with coloring pictures to pick the one she wants to color, she took 2 of each picture and insisted that the clipboard is hers to keep as well.


When she finally went into theater she insisted on putting the mask on herself and fought so hard not to fall asleep that she passed out in a sitting position.

After her op she woke up withing 5 min of being back in the room. She insisted on getting dressed immediately

She spent the next 10min walking from nurse to nurse telling them that she is ready to leave because she wants McDonalds. They finally caved and let us leave 40 minutes earlier than we were suppose too.

She ordered coke, chips, pops and 2 chicken burgers from McDonalds and at all of it.

It was a fun day with her.


That tooth was huge!

She chose which shoe she wanted to put the tooth in and woke up the next morning with R20. My mom also gave her R10.

She spent all her money on Loom Bands. That alone should be a new post, but for those age 4 little fingers she does is fast and well.


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