“A Daddies Girl Stance On Absent Fathers” and my opinion

A couple of weeks ago I cam across a blog post by Katchie Nzama over at South African Bloggers that hit home. Here is a little bit about what she said:

” This is a very emotional and sensitive topic, but just give me a chance… hear me out. I want to talk about how as black women we keep bashing black men for failing as fathers. For being absent fathers. I have seen countless times people on social media shaming black men for being absent fathers. Please note, I focus on black fathers as I do not know the struggle of absent fathers where other races are concerned. I grew up in a home with both mom and dad and I consider myself very lucky. Both my parents also grew up with both parents in their homes. Majority of my cousins however are growing up with fathers who play no part in their lives except just deposit money monthly into a bank account because the law ordered them to…continue reading original post

While Katchie was speaking from her experience and mainly focusing on black men and families, I want to add that even in the white communities this happens. Do you know what the most used excuse is for white men to do this?

“If black men can do it why cant we!”

Really when did taking care of our/your children become a race thing?

I’m with Katchie on not to date a man if he is not taking responsibility for his child. If you are single, take the pledge not to date a man who has children if he cannot take care of them. No matter what his excuse is.


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4 thoughts on ““A Daddies Girl Stance On Absent Fathers” and my opinion

  1. Ladybug’s father has seen her 5 times in the last 12 months… its not like he lives days away, he lives 60kms away. I have got to a point where I no longer tell her that he is coming to visit because most times he cancels, and I have told him this. She doesnt know who he is although she calls him Daddy… She calls all strange men Daddy… its only if you mean something to her you get a name. Its definitely not a race thing


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