Helping others by helping myself.

Last week I did two posts, one about being honest and the other about helping myself (they can be read here and here). The response I received from those posts made me think of the days I was blogging about Maintenance and Custody issues.

I don’t follow blogs because they are always happy and their kids are always clean and well behaved, I follow blogs because they seem normal. Not sleeping, dirty kids and messy houses. In Afrikaans we have this saying “soort soek soort” (translation: We are looking for people who are the same as us).

When I was blogging about maintenance, I received so many emails from people asking me for help or just someone who says that my struggle helped them to start the process. That means more than money. Knowing that my struggle helped someone makes it worth it.

If sharing my relationship issues and therapy with others may help someone else, then it is worth all the pain and struggle.


2011: My Matrix Farewell

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