No one makes Mickey & Minnie look as good…

A couple of weeks maybe more I was invited to a launch.  I was very excited to attend because Mickey and Minnie the theme.

Ackermans launched their new ranges featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

20140826_121326 20140826_121433 20140826_121558 20140826_121651 A couple of other stores also have Mickey and Minnie themed clothing in store, but what I like about Ackermans is the range is not all the same images and it is adapted to fit each age group.

Click here to see the Ackermans range. From the Ackermans blog: MICKEY AND MINNIE COOKIES  & COOL DISNEY FACTS & SLEEP TIGHT WITH MICKEY AND MINNIE


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2 thoughts on “No one makes Mickey & Minnie look as good…

  1. I love shopping at Ackermans good prices and a nice range, last week I got Acacia a pair of sparkly shoes which are comfortable and pretty, best of all they were R39 on sale 🙂


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