Is being honest a bad thing? Or do people not want to hear it?

Yesterday I posted about how I’m on the road to being medically happy and how Hannes and I do have problems. Some people are not interested in reading the unhappy or seeing it on the inter-webs.

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Here is the thing.

This is who I am. I am honest in how I feel. Since Hannes and I got back together I was too scared to talk honestly about my things on this blog and so I hardly every did a proper blog post.

Why? You are wondering that aren’t you.

Because i was scared that things between Hannes and I don’t work out I will look like a fool for following my heart.

I don’t care anymore. I can look like a fool for following my heart. But unless I am honest about me, how do we (Hannes & I) have a future. Yes I know what I write on this blog is not going to save our relationship, but I am this blog. My mind is here.

If you are not happy about what or how I am writing, please don’t be nasty. Keep crappy comments to yourself.

Happy / Unhappy reading.


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12 thoughts on “Is being honest a bad thing? Or do people not want to hear it?

  1. Your blog, your life, your rules. You don’t force anyone to read your blog. I’ve written through some of the worst parts of my life, honestly and openly. I find a lot of people can’t look away, like it is some sort of train wreck…but I don’t write for them. I write for me. Bugger the rest.


  2. Reblogged this on It's not just words and commented:
    I read blogs for their honesty and openness…its nice to see that I am not the only one “losing the plot” and I feel uplifted when I see how others deal with “losing their plots”


  3. Charlotte I was drawn to your blog because you seemed to be an ordinary person like myself…not some ideal that is untouchable or too perfect. I like your honesty and frankly if you were too perfect I might not read your stuff. I like reading about how you have charged head on at some obstacles , how you have side stepped others and how you have fallen into others. There is a little bit of all of us in your writings. Keep writing……and I will keep stalking.


  4. It’s your blog and I think you should feel free to share whatever you want/are comfortable sharing. I commend you for seeking help medically and therapeutically. We often don’t realise that we even need help and it’s seen as such a taboo in society. So it’s great to see you sharing these things. Who knows, you may inspire another person or couple to seek help for their relationship too.


  5. We read your blog because you are real!!! Don’t ever change 🙂 I have found myself physically scared when posting, what will people say!?!?!?! or cringing when I read something I wrote in the past , but at the end of the day, I blog because it’s my way of dealing, it’s cathartic and I love it…and I know it is the same for you 🙂


  6. I totally agree. Too many out there are pretending to be shiny happy people by only posting the good things. We all have bad days and arguments – those are the things that make us human. To pretend otherwise is dishonest.


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