All South Africans need to register, Have you registered?

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I was sent a press release from The Jupiter Drawing Room in Cape Town about The Sunflower Fund. We all know the sunflower fund and some or another time in your life you had your very own Sunflower Fund Bandana. My kids get new ones every year and they play with theirs daily as they use it for blankets for their dollies.

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But this post is not about what my kids are doing or the National Bandana Day campaign, but also focus the importance of getting people to become donors, as the figures of registered donors are not even close to the 400 000 target that’s been set, and the need for new donors is rife, especially from Black, Coloured and Indian ethnic origin.

Some facts that you might not have known:

  • The Sunflower Fund was officially registered in 2000.
  • They have successfully recruited over 67 000 registered donors onto the South African Bone Marrow Registry.
  • They have a target of 400 000 they aren’t even close too.
  • National Bandana Day is on 12 October
  • They need more donors especially from Black, Coloured and Indian ethnic origin.
  • Local celebrities and media personalities like Siya Kolisi, Mark Bayly, Breyton Paulse, Jen Su, Benito Vergotine and Afrika Melane, are proud supporters of the Fund and have all been registered as donors.

The thing is even with all this information out there, most people do not know how to go about donating. The Jupiter Drawing Room has put together a very simple PDF   ( 2014 Donor Recruitment Information ) with all the information that you might need. BUt you can also call the Toll Free number ( 0800121082 ) from any land line for more information.

44623 Sunflower Email Banner3 My girls and I are going to our nearest Pick n Pay today to get our own Bandana’s look out for us on National Bandana day rocking them all over.

Flashbacks on this date in the past:

2013: I am raising girls… not piggies


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