What can you do when life just happens?

What can you do? Nothing! You cannot control what happens. Yes you can control how you do your hair and what you are planning on wearing and where you are planning on going, but not what happens to you on your way there.

On Monday morning the most horrible thing happened. A mother got taken away from her child. My heart breaks.

I know this mother. We weren’t “friends” but when we would see each other out and about we would stop great and have a little chat, you see we did Drum majorettes together for Brackenfell High School, her sister was our trainer. We spent many days together on that field.

I’m sitting here and I feel like crying, not because I lost a friend because this incident wont change my daily life. But I want to roll up in a ball and cry for her family and her little boy. He lost his mommy.

I cannot imagine the pain that he must feel and how confused he must be with this entire situation. His mom was/is a great girl and she was loved by so many people. He has so many many years left of growing up and now he has to do all of it without his mom by his side.

Life is so short, it can end as quickly as it started.

Reilly en Adrian my hart bloei vir julle. Cooles girly ek dink aan jou en jou familie al van maandag af sonder ophou.Daar is niks wat enige iemand kan doen of se om die seer beter the maak nie. Wees daar vir mekaar deur hierdie tyd en wanneer die pyn vir julle te veel raak, hou vir Reilly styf vas.


8 thoughts on “What can you do when life just happens?

  1. It is such a terrible situation! One’s heart breaks for that family and you immediately start to place yourself in their shoes. It makes you think about what is important and what you can do to make differently in your life.


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