#CTmeetup posts by other bloggers… another post by Leana

With 50 women attending the #Ctmeetup, you can be sure to find many interesting posts and photo’s online… I will try and share as many of them as I can find.


Meet Leana from Hipstyler, Pretty & Ginger


#ctmeetup – my picks from the Goodie bag

Many of you may have seen tweets, posts or pictures of the Cape Town Meetup goodie bags and if you follow Cindy’s blog, you might even have entered a competition to win one of the leftover goodie bags. What a lovely treat indeed. Admittedly, I had spread the love by giving away some of my goodies to fellow bloggers… Continue reading original post.


For previous posts, see links below:

Another post by Nikki about the #ctmeetup  –  Meet Celeste from Reluctant Mom  –  Meet Nikki from Love, Kids and Other things  –  A Girl With A Camera  –  Meet Muse Lee Mom  –  Meet Tami from Tumtumtiggs  –  Meet Lindsay from What happened to my body  –  Meet Sally-Jane from Pink Hair Girl  –  Meet Lauren from Lipglossed Ninja   –  Meet Heather from Acidicice  –  Meet Cindy from 3 kids2 dogs 1 old house  –  Meet Robyn from Curious Robyn  –  Meet the mom of Seven+1  –  Meet Hayley from Hayley’s Joys


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