#CTmeetup posts by other bloggers… Meet Nikki

With 50 women attending the #Ctmeetup, you can be sure to find many interesting posts and photo’s online… I will try and share as many of them as I can find.


Meet Nikki from Love, Kids and Other things


Just a small town girl, livin in a lonely world! Mom’s taxi to a tribe of 4, Proudly South African, Groupie to loads of stuff !The Husband – chief chef… The First Born – our 19 year old daughter… Skater Girl – our 12 year daughter… Boy – our 7 year son… Mouse – our surprise package who rules the house… For more about Nikki view her about page.

#CTMeetUp what a jol!

The world of Twitter to me is like having another life.  There are people in Twitterville I have never met but interact with on a daily/weekly basis.  It is like having besties in cyberspace that will always be there to lift you when you having a bad day, share in your joy and give the odd pearl of wisdom. I by no means class myself as a blogger… Continue reading original post.


For previous posts, see links below:

A Girl With A Camera  –  Meet Muse Lee Mom  –  Meet Tami from Tumtumtiggs  –  Meet Lindsay from What happened to my body  –  Meet Sally-Jane from Pink Hair Girl  –  Meet Lauren from Lipglossed Ninja   –  Meet Heather from Acidicice  –  Meet Cindy from 3 kids2 dogs 1 old house  –  Meet Robyn from Curious Robyn  –  Meet the mom of Seven+1  –  Meet Hayley from Hayley’s Joys


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