Sunlight, Rugby and Fun

I have allergies… My kids have allergies… We have sensitive skin! When it comes to the products we use on our skin I can only buy certain brands.

My entire life my mom had to buy Bio-Classic because it was the only washing powder that didn’t make me itch. When I moved out I couldn’t afford the ridiculous price of the product so I started trying other washing powders. I tried everything and the only product that didn’t make me itch was Sunlight.

My friend Tara (view her blog here) always go on about how much she loves the Skip liquid detergent. I however have never been able to try it because of our allergies. Last week my dream came true! I was walking around Checkers buying somethings for the girls and the Sunlight washing powder was on sale and right next to it the Sunlight liquid detergent.

I was like a little kid on who knows what! I rushed home and did a load of laundry. The instructions says to use one cap but I only used half a cap and the result is amazing. Everything smells so fresh and clean and we don’t itch. My new favourite cleaning product.


This is not a sponsored post. I bought and paid for the product myself.

On another note… Tara had to go to JHB last weekend – she wrote a post about that. Besides missing my bestie who was living the high life for 3 days, I got to spend some time with her daughter and son.

We got up early on Saturday morning because Ethan had a rugby match. He is so cute on that field. I was such a proud “aunt”. Little Princess Kitty Kate was not impressed that her brother was allowed to play with a ball on the field and she could not go to him or play with. After the game I offered to take her while Hannes and Eugene go off with Ethan to find out costs for stock for their new business venture (soon I will share more).

Kate is such a little sweetie. Besides hanging on my leg and calling me “mama” (she missed her mom) she plays so well with my girls. I would steal her and run away.

Hannes and I went shopping with 3 girls. They were so well behaved that we rewarded them with a visit to the Palms.

That weekend made me realise that I really want another child and I am able to handle 3 kids without loosing my shit.

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9 thoughts on “Sunlight, Rugby and Fun

  1. Great post, I just make my own liquid washing detergent by grating sunlight soap into water and leaving it to soften for a few days then use it as I would other detergents. Works out a heck of a lot cheaper too


  2. My Mom used Bio-Classic and we use it too, I have never tried anything else, besides Vanish when Hubby used to wear a full white uniform.
    We buy Bio-Classic only on sale and then we buy enough to last us to the next sale. I never thought much about washing stuff until I had to buy it myself.
    3 kids to me sounds like a brave woman…I cannot even get my head around 2.


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