#CTmeetup posts by other bloggers… Meet Seven+1

With 50 women attending the #Ctmeetup, you can be sure to find many interesting posts and photo’s online… I will try and share as many of them as I can find.


Meet the mom of Seven+1

7 plus 1

We are a homeschooling family with “Se7en + 1″ kids living in Fish Hoek, a seaside town just south of Cape Town in South Africa. We love sharing our outings and photo walks in and around Cape Town, showcasing what our city has to offer families. For more about Seven+1 view her about page.

Saturday Spot: When Bloggers Get Together… #CTMeetUp

So the long awaited #CTMeetUp of local bloggers happened on Saturday… The best thing about bloggers getting together for a “Meet Up” is meeting all the friendly faces behind the blogs… The hardest thing about blog meet ups is that nobody really knows who anybody is. Walking into a room full of people you don’t know is never easy, but as soon as you start saying hi you will discover that you know quite a few of them. Online we are all “twitter handles” and some of us who hardly ever (almost never) appear on our blogs it is a fair leap of faith, to step out from behind our screens. Continue reading original post


For previous post, see link below:

Meet Hayley from Hayley’s Joys


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