Liar liar, but my legs are cold

We all tell a lie at some point or another, its human…. Right?

Yesterday afternoon when I collected Amandalynn from my grans house it felt a bit weird that she claimed hockey practise was cancelled because it was cold. I asked some questions and joked about checking with her teacher because I know my daughter won’t really lie to me, until she started crying.

First my reaction was I’m just joking thinking that I have upset her, but then I realised she was just caught in a lie. My heart broke in an instant.

Side note: Amandalynn has a cell phone that she takes with to school, so that if sport is cancelled or what not she can call us to fetch her.

I spoke to her about how it’s not ok to lie and how if she misses practise teacher is going to think she doesn’t care if she is A or C team and she will then end up in the C team. But I could see that she wasn’t listening to a single word, I turned the car around and when back to my grans house and made her confess her lie and apologise to my grandpa for lying to him.

Is it bad that I felt that it wasn’t enough of a punishment? I considered taking her new phone/toys/life away but that wasn’t a punishment to fit the crime….until we drove past the school and I got a peek at her team busy with practise.

I stop the car, made her get out and marched her onto to field, straight to her team and her teacher. I told her confess to her teacher/team and apologise for not coming to practise. My child was not impressed. Her teacher understood what I was trying to achieve and without missing a beat told her if it happens again she will be in the C team.

Amandalynn promises to never lie about practise again.

Have this ever happened to you? How would you have handled the situation? Do you think I did the right thing?

*sorry about the spelling errors this was typed on an Samsung

*I asked Amandalynn if I could blog about this and she said ok, like she didn’t care.

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After thought add in: Eleanor just pointed out that I never told you why she lied… Because her legs were cold and she didn’t want to be cold. 


10 thoughts on “Liar liar, but my legs are cold

  1. You ever get to the bottom of why she lied? I was bullied at school and will probably be one of those… “You didn’t eat the broccoli because the broccoli was mean to you? I understand” type of moms hehehe…but on a serious note, this parenting thing is hard, it’s cool that you taught her consequences straight off the bat, I hope to do the same 🙂


  2. Well done, Mom! As hard as it is, learning that there are consequences to lying is a lesson that needs to be taught. If our children get this while they’re young, then they’ll grow up with integrity.


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