Who You’ll Be Rubbing Shoulders With At The #CTMeetUp

Just over a week to go before #ctmeetup. Cindy has linked everyone who we will be rubbing shoulders with. I now follow each of them on Twitter and Instagram… Lots of stalking happening over the next week.

3 Kids, 2 Dogs, 1 Old House


One and a half weeks.

That’s the small amount of time that we have left between now and the much anticipated #CTmeetup.  There’s a few things that still need to be sorted out, but for the most part we are ready to roll come 1.30pm on 9 August at I Love My Laundry (in Bree Street).

The good news is that the event is completely SOLD OUT!  YAY!  I wish we could host more people (and maybe for the next one we will), but for the mean time you will just have to live out your FOMO vicariously on the various Social Media platforms.

Just because we have added actual value to the event, it doesn’t take away from the fact that we are getting together to meet up and make new connections.  So in light of that I thought I would quickly show you who you will be…

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