Day 9 – Bullet your whole day

What my day was like on Monday… I had the day off…

I didn’t sleep on sunday night so here goes…

  • Woke Hannes at 05:40 because he needed to go to work.
  • Woke Hannes again at 05:50.
  • Hannes finally got up at 06:00 and I listened to him shower.
  • 06:15 he was ready to go to work. Lorelai had a tantrum while we all got into the car.
  • Got home from the station.
  • Helped Lorelai get dressed.
  • Made some coffee.
  • Made the kids coffee.
  • Stop at the garage with coffee in hand to buy siggies.
  • 07:00 Picked up Ntombi from the station.
  • Dropped Lorelai at school.
  • Took Ntombi home.
  • Took a nap at my moms house with Amandalynn so that Ntombi could clean.
  • Woke up at 11:30.
  • Made coffee
  • Had a siggy
  • Watched some TV
  • Had a shower.
  • Fecthed Lorelai from school.
  • Phoned a friend.
  • Had coffee at a friends house.
  • Went to Checkers to buy a few things.
  • Visit to the Dr office.
  • Took the girls home.
  • Had a toasted sarmie
  • Took Ntombi to the station
  • Made dinner
  • Had coffee and a siggy.
  • Fetched Hannes from the station.
  • Had dinner with the family and watched 7de laan.
  • More coffee and siggy
  • Watched Two and a half men
  • Watched Hayden Quinn SA
  • Watched Amazing Race with Amandalynn.
  • Watched Kitchen Nightmares with Hannes.
  • Made a toasted sarmie.
  • Drank milk and had a siggy.
  • Watched Kitchen Nightmares until I fell asleep.

How was your day?

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