Six month into 2014: The A to Z of me.

How awesome is this idea?

Here is mine:

A –  ATTITUDE. I have adapted my attitude towards life.

B –C –;

D –  Debt. We no longer have any!

E – Education – Amandalynn is doing well in school. Struggling a bit with the English spelling words, but we are working on that.

F – Friends – Because what will our lives be without them.

G –

H – Health. I’ve gone off my sleeping pills mostly. Half-day job and less stress is helping me sleep.

I – Ideas – I have so many ideas with things I want to do with my house and kids.

J – Juggle. I think every parent feels this way. between work and school and all the other activities, I have become a master.

K –

L – Love – Hannes and I are doing good, yes we fight and we have our ups and downs, but we are still moving forward.

M – Motherhood –  It has been good to me.

N –; O -; P-; Q –; R -;

S – Struggling –  with finding inspiration for blog posts.

T – Twitter – Beside re-tweeting and liking I am hardly on it.

U –; V -; W –; X –; Y-; Z-.

Can you so how hard this simple thing is for me… I need inspiration for getting back on track with the blogging business. I have joined a monthly challenge so lets see if that helps. 

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See below for the reblogged post.


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