Day 2 – Where you’d like to be in 10 years

10 years from now I will be….

I have never spent much time thinking about where I will be in 10 years. My focus is usually on today, tomorrow and this month. I plan my life step by step. Currently I can tell you where or what I will be doing on the following dates/times:

Saturday I will be celebrating Amandalynn’s 8th birthday at my house.

9 August will be at a women’s tea that I am hosting a table, followed by #CTMeetup

1 November we will be having a Dirty 30 Halloween party for Hannes

And hopefully if all goes well I will be married by end of next year. Now don’t start phoning and texting me asking when i got engaged and congrats and all of that. Hannes has not popped the question and popping the question wasn’t apart of our deal. A while ago we talked about it and agreed end of next year will be the best time. It gives us a chance to sort our shit out. Plan and save. I just want one ring (we are having it made) so I don’t care if I get it before or on the day.


Original post with the daily prompts can be found here (you can start on any day and finish when you are ready)

Previous posts can be found by searching my blog using these hashtags #30days #30daychallenge

Join in on the fun, use the hashtags (don’t use them) but let’s learn more about each other.


One thought on “Day 2 – Where you’d like to be in 10 years

  1. Charlotte you had to ask the one question that I do not have an answer for. I have tried and tried and tried but my mind just doesn’t stretch that far. At least you can answer my prayers are from day to day. Asking for grace to the day through…..

    But thanks, you are giving me food for thought. A framework would help and some probing , prompting questions. So maybe in your next challenge you can go deeper and ask ” going deeper questions”

    Ps; Have not heard anything about the meet up. Will you be posting the details on your blog as well ?
    Pss: I m glad you have a future mapped out with Hannes and have relationship goals. Another challenge for you to set up on your blog……



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