Currently, I am…

Reading: No real books. I cannot even remember the last time I got stuck in a book…. Wait it was Jenny Lawson. I have read that a couple of times. But I’m mainly reading Affidavits and Notice of Motions. Fun stuff hey!

Listening to: Jana Kramer, Bethany Joy Lenz, Kate Voegele – yes I’m One Tree Hill country obsessed! Go on Youtube and listen to Jana’s “Why you wanna” and “Whiskey” AMAZEBALLS

Laughing at:  The strangeness that I see in people everyday. And not Laughing at them, but laughing at how strange and wonderful the world is at any given time.

Swooning over: My new Tumble dryer and Chest Freezer. I know that sounds weird, but when I moved out on my own 5 odd years ago I wanted both those things and finally Hannes and I can afford them.

Planning:  A kickass 30th birthday party for Hannes. We are having it on 1 Nov so the theme is fancy dress/Halloween. I’m so excited. Also Amandalynn will be 8 in let than a month so I’m also planning her Masterchef birthday party.

Eating lots of: Pasta. We love pasta. Made my first Bacon Carbonara last night. It was so damn yum.

Feeling: That I can do with some leave. Both my bosses are either out the country or on leave from 30 June to 6 July, so I will be spending that week in bed. Pure Bliss.

Discovering: That I can do and figure out anything! Like getting paperwork sorted for 2 last-minute Visa’s at different embassy’s.

Looking at: The table in my bedroom and hoping that my filling system will sort itself out and make its own file labels. Wishful thinking right?

Wearing: My body hugging Blue wool dress and stockings today. I think my feet are getting cold, which is weird cause I never wear socks.

Cooking: I’m trying one new dish a week. Some end up great and others my family won’t even touch. To be honest I won’t even touch them.

Wondering: About everything.

Trying out: Right now, nothing. But as soon as I do I will let you know.

How are you doing? What’s currently happening in your life?


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