Easy Peasy returns with Mr Price and something for you

**Updated 23 May 2014 – Congratulations to Fahranaaz, you are our winner

Last week I told you about how I did some online shopping with Mr Price and how cute Lorelai looked in some of the outfits. (Post 1 & Post 2). Seeing that my daughters are as strangely built as I am, most of the clothing I had to return to the store. I hate returning clothing that I received as a gift or prize, because the shop assistants don’t really get that i do not have the card that paid for it, because it was a gift part.

I headed to Mr Price in St George’s Mall (Cape Town) ready for the long lunch time rows to return what I bought and maybe if we have time buy something new. I stood in the row for 15min before I was able to return anything. I handed the bag with the clothing as well as the online receipt to the cashier and told her that I would like to return theses items for a Mr Price voucher as I will be returning to buy other things from them.

She looked at me a little weird, but she smiled and took the bag from me. She continued to open every piece of clothing, look at the slip twice and then asked me the following questions:

Cashier: Where is the debit card that paid for this?

Me: I did not use a debit card to pay for the purchase I used a voucher.

Cashier: But how did YOU pay?

Me: Like I said I did not pay for this, I got it for free, I paid with a voucher.

Cashier: But how?

Me: Mr Price “the company you work for” paid for the clothing, I got it for free.

Cashier: Oh, I understand, can I please have you Mr Price card.

Me: I don’t have a Mr Price card, I received a voucher from Mr Price to spend online.

Cashier: But how?

Me: I run a blog and currently i am running a campaign on my blog. So technically you can call me a representative and that’s why it is free.

At this stage I am trying not to laugh. Needless to say the assistant manager stepped in and tried to help, she also didn’t really get how it worked, but tried to do the return, eventually the manager came over to assist and after telling her the same story. She punched in her code, asked me if she needs to keep the items, i can then look around and come find her when I’m ready.

It was a great joy returning the items, the staff were friendly. Sometimes that is all you need after being in a long row. I did not take the manager up on her offer as I like to shop in peace and not feel rushed.

Now for the part that includes you….

I borrowed the collage from The Mommy City who is also running a competition currently, it was just so pretty and perfect I could not help myself.  Mr Price have a range of #moresomeawesome clothing for children. The website is easy to navigate and you can buy clothes for the whole family, delivered to your door or nearest Post Office. If you aren’t completely happy with your clothes, return items for free in-store or have them collected by courier for a small fee.

Want to shop? I’m giving away a R200 Mr Price voucher to spend on the #moresomeawesome clothing and all you need to do is enter via Rafflecopter and if you want, you can comment below and tell me what you want to buy for your kidlets

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(Click on the link above to enter. It will open a new window, give it a second to load)

Competition starts Tuesday 20 May 2014 at 9am and entries close Friday, 23 May 2014 at 10am and the winner will be randomly selected and notified the same day.

I had some issues with Rafflecopter but it seems to be sorted now.


17 thoughts on “Easy Peasy returns with Mr Price and something for you

  1. My baby gained wieght so much and her 12 to 18 months old clothes don’t fit well anymore,I would like to buy her Jersey and tracksuit if possible.I hope I win 🙂


  2. I would definitely buy boots for my niece! Saw these awesome boots online on mrp.com & I’ll tweet the pic!!! It’s winter and she gets up at 5 every morning for pre school. Holding thumbs.
    @BEYDAISY on twitter :):)


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