Easy way to shop? Use Mr Price

The other day I told you about the shopping that I did online with Mr Price. Yesterday the package arrived. I couldn’t wait for Lorelai to get home so I opened it myself.

I realised that I got 2 of the same shirts, so I would have to go return the one. I spent the next 2 hours doing home work with Amandalynn and waiting for Lorelai to get home so we can play dress up.

Now my daughter does not love getting all dressed up, but when I told her if I don’t send photo’s to Mr Price, I have to sent the clothing back.

Brackenfell-20140512-00421 Brackenfell-20140512-00418 Brackenfell-20140512-00415 Brackenfell-20140512-00412 Brackenfell-20140512-00409


Lorelai loved everything I got her. (Sorry for the quality of the photos, my blackberry is not the best. )

She wanted to keep everything on and even the things that not fit her properly. I also got a cute little outfit for Kate, but her mother is not a bag fan of bright (I’m okay with that) so I’m taking that back to the store.



I loved the online shopping experience that MR Price offered. It was so simply and easy. I created an account, picked the outfits I liked, entered my voucher code and that was it. The part that I loved the most is that when you select a top on the right hand side they give you options of pants and shoes that will go with it.

If you are anything like me and don’t like wondering what you going to wear something with, it is the best site ever.

We are only keeping the 2 shirts and the hat. The other things did not fit Lorelai properly so I’m taking them back to my nearest Mr Price store. Will do another post on my experience exchanging online shopping in store and more pictures on the rest of the things I got.


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