Top 10 posts

Count down to my top 10 posts since the day I started my first blog.


After everything you have (NOT) done for your daughter

Your a fucking spineless asshole who should not be allowed to walk this earth. I truly hate you. Seeing you in court every couple of months makes me sick and angry and it makes me want to commit murder, but then you would win and MY daughter deserves more than that. So I have a message for you “busdz meg” 


I don’t do MUD

On sunday afternoon Tara came over with Ethan for a play date and catch up. Now the kids play outside and in my house no playing with water and making mud. Yes I know its good for their development, but they do this at school and at Tara’s house so that’s my rule. They also not allowed paint and clay in my house.


Accidents Happen…

On saturday morning I got a wakeup message from Hannes asking me why I didn’t tell him that Lorelai needed stitches. My first reaction was what are you on about. He sent me a picture of my childs head. I freaked a little as it did not happen at home and the school said nothing. Not even when brushing her hair or washing it did she complain or tell me she has an eina.


Dear Blog (and readers)

For a while now I have had this fear… I knew it was true but never confirmed. It just got confirmed and I have been ripped apart again. But now that I know I will get pass this. But I’m done! I’m fucking done with this shit! I cannot anymore! Want to crawl into a fucking hole and die!


My struggle with my body…

So most of you have seen pics of me and must be rolling your eyes and thinking what can you really have issues with? Your a skinny bitch and now you complain about it. For a person with extra weight to loose, dropping 10 kgs is a big thing, for a skinny person 1Kg does the same thing.


Letters to a man who should have been a father

Usually when I write to you or about you, its because I’m angry or heart broken for my daughter. Even now I’m heartbroken for her. I wish that you could open your eyes and realise that you have a daughter that is growing up without a father, a little girl who would love and adore you if you just gave her a chance.


When will you have enough?

You made my life hell! You caused so much pain! You broke me! You broke my daughters heart and that’s a pain I cannot take away from her! Haven’t you had enough? Haven’t you caused enough pain?


I can feel it in my Gluteus Maximus

Yesterday I finally went for my @Bodytec workout. I say finally because I had to keep changing my appointment because of work. The night before I was chatting to @CapeTownKaty about her workout she has last week and she said that her muscles hurt and the lovely people over at Bodytec also tweeted and said that my legs might hurt a little after. I don’t do any form of excercise, besides carrying children around so this was scary and exciting.



Today I was in court with Hannes. He applied for a decrease in maintenance. If he was paying shitloads of money each month, I would understand but he doesn’t.It so easy for the person who does not have to take care of the child daily to go: “I can only pay R800, that’s what I can afford” Wtf must I tell my 2year old here is R1600 remember you need to pay everything you need including rent and school. That fucking amount doesn’t even cover it!


Lorelai 2nd Birthday Party – Minnie Mouse

So it is now official we are having a Minnie Mouse themed birthday party. I have found so many great ideas, so many of them I can make myself so I am starting early with the planning. The Party will be on Saturday 28 January 2011 @ my new house (that’s if I have moved in by then, otherwise it will be at my mothers, luckily the address stays the same.)


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