Lindt and Exclusive books helped make my Mothers day the best…

I’m tired of reading mothers day posts myself, but i just have to share how awesome my day was. It really was the best mothers day i have EVER had.

My mothers day started a couple of weeks ago when i received this awesome press pack from Lindt and Exclusive Books.

Branded chaise longue

I did not get one of these sadly, but the little press release inserted below will tell you a little more of what I got… 

“Do you dream of a moment to yourself? A moment filled with self-indulgence, just for you.  Where minutes can pass in silence then flow into hours. Do you dream of an irresistibly smooth me-moment?

When you break the shell of the finest Lindt chocolate, you release the irresistibly smooth filling that lets you melt away into a moment of pure bliss.

Mother’s Day should be about these blissful, indulgent moments too, wouldn’t you agree? Instead of your loved ones showering you with gifts, let them give you the ultimate gift of some well-deserved me-time. Enclosed inside your pack, you’ll find a me-time contract for your entire family to sign and movie tickets to get them out of the house. And of course, we’ve included your favourite Lindor and a great read. So go on, enjoy your me-time; you deserve it.

Lindt and Exclusive Books have partnered to bring women like you time to yourselves. Step into your favourite Exclusive Books store and discover a space filled with must-read Mother’s Day books to go with every LINDOR moment. Alternatively, stand a 1 in 5 chance of winning one of 30 000 books when you purchase a 200g box of LINDOR milk or assorted. “

Now you are wondering what was in my box?


A little red box (chocolates lasted 20min max), 3 Ster Kinekor tickets and a contract that said my family must spoil me and leave me alone for Mother days

I helped Hannes make Flapjack mix the night before so that he can help the kids make me Flapjacks in the morning and bring me breakfast in bed. He said the kids woke him up early and they wanted to wake me immediately and it took almost all his energy to convince them that I need to sleep in.

When they were finally allowed to wake me they were jumping up and down like crazy rabbits.

10332937_10202652237921844_560654651_o 10337199_10202652224041497_929968358_o

My breakfast


Amandalynn very proud of their hard work.


The picture that my girls coloured can be found via this link



We headed to church and when we got home we made lunch to pass the time until Hannes and I can have a bit of a date-afternoon at  Ster Kinekor. We watched “The Other Women”.

All in all it was an amazingly awesome day.


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