Weekend News

I think I should just stick to the heading for ever post about my weekends. It just works and saves me so much time in trying to figure out what to call yet another post about my weekend.

On Friday the school term ended and I couldn’t wait to get home and get Amandalynn’s report card. My daughter got all 6 or 7 for everything which means her marks are between 70% and 100%. The girls and I spent another Friday night with Ann drinking coffee and talking nonsense. I should really visit there more often.

Saturday morning while Hannes took the car to have new tires put on, I had a lie in and watched some One Tree Hill, only until he called to say we are watching the rugby at the Palms. I invited Tara and Eugene to join us, so that Hannes has a guy to watch the game with and Tara and I got chat.

After the game, we left all the kids (except for little Princess Kitty Kate) with the men and we went shopping. I haven’t done proper grocery shopping in what feels like forever and quickly spent well over my budget with basic things and not even buying meat.

By the time we got home, the Bulls game has started and the men wanted us to fetch the kids. We fetched them and decided to have a little bit of a last minute braai. Maybe just so that Tara can colour my hair. I’m officially a red head.

On sunday we chilled, cleaned did some more shopping.

It was a good weekend.


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