Employment Improvements

Friday was my last day at Strauss Daly Attorneys. I realised that even with all the drama, I am really going to miss it.

I spent the last week thinking if I made the right decision in resigning and moving on to something new.

I have realised that I’m scared. What if I don’t cut it in the new job. What if I’m not what they are looking for? What if I don’t like it. What if, what if. that might be the question I would have always asked myself if I did not make this change.

I’m looking forward to Tuesday. To a new beginning. To something awesome.

I’m going to miss my Strauss Daly friends. I’m going to miss the drama.

I’m moving forward, improving my life and my families.


2 thoughts on “Employment Improvements

  1. Wow, I know EXACTLY what you mean. I left my previous job after being there for 5 years, and after seriously doubting my decision, I realised that I was scared of being the new person again, of having to start at the bottom again, of having to learn again.

    But for me personally, it was the best decision ever 🙂

    Good luck!


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