Moving forward

So many things are happening and so much that I have not even told you about!

There is the excitement about my new job, the fact that Hannes started a new job, looking for a house, camping, being married, the Cape Town Carnival, my driving skills and so much more…

Where to begin?!

Let’s start with the fact the being married part, but before I can tell you about that I would have to start with the new house to get you there.

With the new jobs we want a new/bigger house. I love our little house and I love my parents for taking care of myself and the kids and loving us so much that they build us a house to live in. But as a family of 4 it is starting to get a little crowded in here. We need to find a bigger place. We need more rooms.

Here is what I want:
3 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
An enclosed garden
A garage
Large-ish living space
Large-sh kitchen

Here is what Hannes wants:
To be more than 10 meters away from my parents.
Outside braai area

*Note he loves my parents and he is thankful for everything they have done for us over the last 5 years. But he wants his own space, he want us to be depended on us on them. He wants us to make it on our own.

What do we want as a family:
More than one bathroom

On Friday we went to go look at our first property. It was/is perfect. It is everything I want, Hannes wants it and the girls love it. But even tough we can afford it with my new salary, maybe its too much too soon. We will look for something cheaper but still nice. Even with all of that I still did an ITC check on both Hannes and myself to submit to the agencies when we find the perfect house, because I’m cheap and refuse to pay for something I can get for free.

Your probably thinking “when the fuck are you going to get to the part where you got married” the wedding you invited no-one too and kept a secret.

Here’s the thing:
According to ITC we are married to each other. I don’t know how that happened, but it is hilarious. It pisses me off a bit that our ITC profiles got married before we did.

So there was no wedding. I can keep a secret to save my life. So technically we aren’t really married, but from now one when I fill a form in as single and they do an ITC check they will think I’m a liar.

We joke and laugh about this everyday. I love being ITC married.

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4 thoughts on “Moving forward

  1. Ha ha ha! I was wondering if I missed the post where you tslked about the wedding. I love house hunting, I’m watching house hunters international as I type this ( how ironic)


  2. Hello there Charlotte,
    Good Luck with the house hunting. We did it once and I was so exhausted with looking at these houses, I wanted to cry.
    We are one again looking for house, well taking because we do not have the strength right now.
    Enjoy the new house


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