Sleepless nights…

I cannot believe that its Thursday already. Its almost 2am and know I have 2 get up in 3 hours, but I can’t sleep.

Last year November I hit rock bottom – right now I cannot remember if I have blogged about it or not. If I have I’m sorry if not, here we go…

I was stressed out, over worked and sleep deprived. My mind does not switch off. Finally after many months of an internal arguments with myself and many discussions with Hannes. I went to my GP. He did a basic questionnaire and we both figured out that I’m not depressed, but due to my lack of sleep, I’m anxious, snappy and stressed. He gave me some pills. that first night I slept like a zombie. For that first 2 weeks a slept like a baby, but then they stopped working.

I kept taking them as he said until beginning of Jan when I had my follow up visit. We discussed that fact that I have a very high tolerance for medication and the B-something he gave me was not my answer for sleeping.

*And now I’m suddenly/finally feeling tired.

We figured that nothing that range would work for me. He prescribed Dopaquel and booked me off for 5 days. I figured he was being dramatic so told him the Friday would be fine and I need to get back to work the Monday. I got home that afternoon, took a pill and within 30min I was out cold. I slept till Friday morning, the only reason I woke up was because I had to lock the door behind Hannes. I went back to sleep and slept till 4 that afternoon.

To be continued as I’m going to try and get some sleep…

Thanks for reading.
Love Charlotte

*Dont forget to check out my 30 things before I’m 30 page.

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3 thoughts on “Sleepless nights…

  1. Not sleeping, or not sleeping properly is such a hell situation. It has so many knock on effects, and eventually the stress and anxiety gets pushed to an all time high.

    I have been on sleeping medication for about two years —– I do not think I can survive a day without it.

    I recall how I felt when I wasn’t sleeping. Stressed, anxious, bouncy, my skin itched and I felt like I was over stimulated to the point where light had sound.

    Sleep was not the only solution, but it was the first thing my Dr Pill looked at getting stabilised, and then when I was sleeping, I could start to work through the other shit.

    Good luck —— don’t under estimate the power of a good 8 – 10 hour sleep, where your brain can just switch off.


  2. Hello again… I re-joined WordPress as a new username a little while ago, and moved my recent posts over. I’ve been remarkably rubbish about catching up with anybody since though.

    I go through fits and starts with sleeping. Over the last couple of years I have been a real night owl, but just recently I’ve been falling asleep in the early evening. It’s weird.

    Glad you’ve (hopefully) got a handle on it.


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